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Why not visit Cambridge and try out our specially selected instruments!

Take a look at our Specials lists. A selection of ACCESSORIES. We have also a list of SECOND HAND STARS, a selection of our second hand stock that stand out as a STAR.



Woodwind & Reed is coming to YOU!

Norwich Pearl Flute Upgrade Day

Artist: Krzysztof Kaczka

When: Friday 27th October 2017 11:30 - 17:30

Where: Studio 20, 20 Wensum Street Norwich, NR3 1HY

What: Try out Flutes and take advantage of special discounts

Disscuss the flutes and talk technique with professional flautist Krzysztof Kaczka

Pop in and visit our repairer to have your flute assessed and small repairs carried out

We are excited to team up with Pearl flutes once again for a dedicated flute upgrade day with professional flautist Krzysztof Kaczka on hand to give one to one advice and tips on choosing and playing flute. Reserve a space

Woodwind and Reeds repairer will be on hand all day to carry out flute repairs and assessments

If there is a specific make and model of flute you would like us to bring along please EMAIL or call 01223 500442

September further news:

Top tip: It's worth cleaning your instrument!

Give it a good clean. Use a silver polish cloth for silver plated instruments or keywork and a lacquer cloth for lacquer finish instruments to remove all the marks from finger prints, dirt, oils and grease. Hoover out your case to remove 'bits' and rubbish that may have accumulated. Keep the inside of your case clean and your instrument will benefit.

1) Lubricate valves and joints - Valve/slide oils and tuning slide grease are a must for brass players. Use them regularly to keep these moving parts in good condition. Woodwind players should use cork grease to keep cork joints in good condition and ease instrument assembly.

2) Remove moisture - After every playing session woodwind instruments should be cleaned with a pull through or cleaning cloth. This is vital to keep your pads in good condition.

3) Remove any build up of dust - Use a shaving brush to clean your keywork. This will help your key mechanisms to work better and prevent damage to pad surfaces.

4) Remind yourself of good handling habits - Assemble and disassemble your instrument with care, remembering to hold it carefully so you do not damage or bend the keywork or mechanisms. Never 'tap' brass mouthpieces in the leadpipe, a gentle insertion and twist is all that is required. Always return your instrument to an instrument stand or its case when not in use. It should never be left on the floor or a chair.


We have no job vacancies at present, however, if you play a woodwind or brass instrument and would like to join a busy music store inspiring and guiding new musicians or train as a repairer of wind and brass instruments then do not contact us. EMAIL There might be an opportunity just for you.

Krzysztof Kaczka Pearl Flute Artist

Dr. Krzysztof Kaczka is a Polish flautist, and presently is Assistant Professor at the Public Authority of Applied Education and Training (PAAET) in the College of Basic Education's Music Department in Kuwait. Previously, he was the Principal flautist of the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, one of the largest and most successful Symphony Orchestras of China.

Starting at the age of ten, Kryzysztof has studied with many successful flautists, including Grzegorz Cimoszko, the principal flautist of the Warsaw Philharmonic, and Marianne Henkel-Adorján whilst at the Musikhochschule Munich.

Having won many prizes and competitions, Krzysztof made his New York debut at the Carnegie Recital Hall as the IBLA Grand Prize winner. As first prize winner at the Australian Flute Festival Flute Competition in Adelaide, he was praised by jury chairman Jean Ferrandies for his "beautiful sound, high technical skills, and great understanding of the style of the music he played."
Krzysztof has played in masterclasses with many musicians, including William Bennett and Patrick Gallois among others. He has also taken part in numerous music festivals and has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.
As principal flutist of the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, he performed with cellist Yo Yo Ma and pianist Lang Lang, among many other celebrated musicians.

Wood, Wind and Reed aim to make buying and owning an instrument easy and enjoyable. We choose the best products available to save you time and money. All instruments are tested and adjusted before sale and our reputation for pre and post sales service is the envy of our trade.

With such an extensive catalogue we are not able to keep all goods in stock all the time. We do keep hundreds of ligatures, double reeds, cleaners, cases and other accessories in stock and we can therefore dispatch the majority of orders within 48 hours.

Our extensive selection of student and professional instruments are given a final inspection, adjustment and test before they are dispatched so please allow around 5 working days for dispatch.

106 Russell Street, Cambridge
01223 500442

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