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Bassoon Slings & Straps

Bassoon Slings

There are four ways to support a bassoon whilst playing;
a) Traditional Sling. A choice of comfortable neck padding and using a cord for adjusting the height, they need to have a slim metal or plastic coated metal hook to go through the small "eye" loop on the bassoon.
b) Harness. Variations of these harnesses are made for Bassoon players. The aim is to take the weight away from the neck and onto the shoulders.
c) Seat Strap. With this method you take the weight of the bassoon on the bottom end cap of the bassoon and stop it from dropping by sitting on a strap. Usually of leather and have either a hook, if you bassoon has provision in the end cap or a leather bucket for the bassoon to sit in.
d) A spike. These can be fitted to the bassoon and then the instrument is supported on an adjustable metal pin or spike.
If you are finding your current method unsatisfactory, either try an alternative or call us for advice on 01223 500442. see opening times.

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Bassoon Slings & Straps
Balance Hanger Or Sling Extension For Schreiber Bassoon  £187.44

Bassoon Sling - Jazzlab  £47.50

BG Bassoon Harness B10 with Metal Hook - MaleSize  £32.49

BG Bassoon Harness B11 with Metal Hook- Female Size  £32.49

BG Bassoon Harness B12 - Child Size  £32.49

BG Bassoon Harness B13 with Metal Hook- Extra Large Adult Size  £29.75

BG Bassoon Seat Strap B06 - Leather with Adjustable Bucket Cup  £54.99

BG Bassoon Sling B02 - Padded Cross Shoulder with 2 Metal Hooks  £39.99

Fox Bassoon Seat Strap & Ring Set  £46.00 Buy now

Neotech Seat Strap - Bassoon  £26.50 Buy now

Neotech sling for baritone saxophone, bass clarinet or bassoon. Black.  £19.75

NK Kolbl Bassoon Seat Strap - Black Leather with Metal Hook  £17.50

NK Kolbl Bassoon Sling - Black Leather - with Black Slider & Open Metal Hook  £39.95

NK Kolbl Bassoon Sling Pro Line  £19.95

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Wood, Wind and Reed aim to make buying and owning an instrument easy and enjoyable. We choose the best products available to save you time and money. All instruments are tested and adjusted before sale and our reputation for pre and post sales service is the envy of our trade.

With such an extensive catalogue we are not able to keep all goods in stock all the time. We do keep hundreds of ligatures, double reeds, cleaners, cases and other accessories in stock and we can therefore dispatch the majority of orders within 48 hours.

Our extensive selection of student and professional instruments are given a final inspection, adjustment and test before they are dispatched so please allow around 5 working days for dispatch.

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