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French Horn

A Quick Guide to French Horns

Kinder Horns
Kinder horns are designed for children who may struggle to hold a full sized instrument, as they have tightly wrapped tubing that makes the whole instrument more compact. These are available in Bb, F and compact compensating. If you are interested in a kinder horn then why not take a  look at the Rosetti Series 5 Kinder in Bb.

Single Horns
There are several variants of the French horn. Traditionally, most players start on a ‘single horn’ pitched in F. An excellent example of a single horn is the Yamaha 314.

Compensating double
Sometimes, a player may chose a ‘compensating’ double as this achieves almost the same as the full double but is lighter and easier to hold. They are most suitable for players who play mainly on the Bb side.

Full Double
The full orchestral instrument has a mechanism that allows it to play in F and Bb. There is no obligation to learn on a smaller horn: if you are able to hold a full double correctly then there is no reason why you should not learn to play on one, such as the Rosetti Series 5 Full Double. If you are an intermediate player then a good instrument to try is the Yamaha 567D or the new Hoyer Horns, while a professional player may be more interested in the Holton 378.

Second Hand
It is worth trying second hand French horns because you may be able to get a better quality instrument for less. Bear in mind that the sound produced by the instrument is more important than its aesthetics. You can find an up-to-date list here.



Wood, Wind and Reed aim to make buying and owning an instrument easy and enjoyable. We choose the best products available to save you time and money. All instruments are tested and adjusted before sale and our reputation for pre and post sales service is the envy of our trade.

With such an extensive catalogue we are not able to keep all goods in stock all the time. We do keep hundreds of ligatures, double reeds, cleaners, cases and other accessories in stock and we can therefore dispatch the majority of orders within 48 hours.

Our extensive selection of student and professional instruments are given a final inspection, adjustment and test before they are dispatched so please allow around 5 working days for dispatch.

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